Human Resource Plus offers a full range of payroll administration services. Whether you process your payroll weekly, biweekly, semi monthly, or monthly, we can ensure your employees get paid correctly and on time, removing this burden from your team, giving your team more time to focus on and accomplish their specific roles, maximizing their efficiency. Our payroll services will use your payroll platform of choice, ensuring consistency for your organization and employees. Payroll administration is a full-service option: Human Resource Plus will also process all government related documents such as garnishments, unemployment claims, and tax reporting as necessary, simplifying this complex and time-consuming task, leaving your entire team free to focus on your organization’s immediate needs.

As a natural extension of your organization, Human Resource Plus becomes available for your employee’s concerns, helping them navigate any questions or misunderstandings regarding their pay stubs, accruals, benefit deductions, taxes, laws, and more. Our team’s extensive knowledge of laws and conventions affecting your organization’s unique payroll will ensure you and your employees are confident in their compensation, knowing you are always in full compliance with any state and federal laws.